Boyfriend (보이프렌드) : I’ll Be There

Am I too late to make this JLyrics for Boyfriend’s I’ll Be There? I don’t care! :D

Boyfriend’s I’ll Be There is from their third single album, I’ll Be There, released last December 7.


Have you seen them before? Have you seen them when they were in their first single days? I wish you have. Because if you do, you could really see how Boyfriend grew already! Especially my bias, Hyunseong!

Well, since it’s Boyfriend and Hyunseong is there, there is no doubt that I’ll be really really super really super super really excited for the MV. But putting that aside, the MV teaser was a so-so. If I don’t know these men and I haven’t seen how they have improved, I’ll rate it 8 out of 10. But since I saw them before and saw their improvement, I’ll rate it 9 out of 10. It is not a perfect one. But it really made it’s viewers super excited on their MV. It gives them thrills especially after seeing their looks. It’s super manly! :D

Music Anticipation

Since this is music anticipation, I only give you the music. NO LYRICS! LOL! This is the instrumental version of the song. This music gives me two opposite sides of feeling. First, it gives me a sad feeling but at the same time feeling of rushing. It is as if you are sad but remembering the past makes you happy. You happily let go. That’s what I feel. Second, it gives me this feeling happy and all energetic. I feel like dancing along the rhythm. It would be as if I’m going around and enjoying life and the environment and such.

If this would be played in a drama, I think this would best fit a scene where a couple is enjoying their date, running everywhere, riding a bike and laughing along. Or maybe, a “secretly-in-love” couple doing things together and smiling at each other even though they have their own business. Or something really really fun. I think it’ll suit that.

Story Review

So the MV doesn’t really have any story in it except for the beginning and end part of it where Kwangmin and some girl was in. In the short clips, the girl is giving back the snow globe to Kwangmin. It is as if she is breaking up with Kwangmin. Of course, Kwangmin insisted to get it back. Then the girl just went on. Then it’s the Boyfriend! YEAH! xD So forward forward forward to the end part. After the girl watched from the mysterious snow globe our lovely Boyfriend dance and sing, she realized that she shouldn’t have broken up with Kwangmin. (That is just a big mistake! You loser!) So she went back to their meeting place finding no Kwangmin there. It’s too late to regret the break up! (Yeah! It deserves you! Bleh!)

The teaser shows up scenes from the MV. So it wasn’t really that far. The story that is in the MV wasn’t really shown in the teaser. So it was pretty close, the teaser and MV. Since it is Boyfriend, I was really pleased at how everything is going on. There is just few problems or “This is not right.” scenes in the MV. First, Youngmin is underage to drive! Gosh! Second, why is Kwangmin on the roof when it is so cold? Third, Donghyun just sat on the floor! MAN! Go get a chair and sit there! You’re a freaking Kpop Star and you are not to sit there. Fourth, knock on the door Minwoo! What the heck? Don’t just wait there or you’ll be freaking sick. Fifth, Jeongmin don’t sleep outside! Even though you have that cap to cover your ears, you’ll still end up freezing there. Sixth, my love, Hyunseong, please don’t be too handsome and manly. I’ll faint every time I’ll watch it! LOL!

But as always, Boyfriend is DAEBAK!!!

Dance Check

As of now, Starship Entertainment haven’t released Boyfriend’s I’ll Be There Dance Version MV. So instead of waiting, I presented to you one of their live performances. I like their choreography since it gives me a manly and cool impression. And also there are some steps that are very easy to follow letting their fans dance along with them. But I like it that they have something unique. It’s super unique that every time I’ll go near that step I’ll definitely remember them. Get what I mean? So this are the remarkable steps that I saw in the MV!

The Windshield

The Cap

Oh Yes! I got it right!

Hand Compass

S** with the Floor!


Imaginary Piano


Style Analysis

So Boyfriend have four sets of clothes in this music video.

This is their first set of clothes. From left to right, that is Minwoo, Kwangmin, Jeongmin, Donghyun, Youngmin, and Hyunseong. Their looks here are cool. But since they have the concept of winter, I think only Youngmin followed the dress code. But if you noticed Jeongmin’s cap, well, that hit the spot. And the others, they’re cool. I think people in Korea won’t wear only that when it’s winter since it’s very cold there. So just cool.

Except for the cap, everyone have the same pants, if you could see. BUT! But, Kwangmin is different again. If you checked out their last music video, Don’t Touch My Girl, Kwangmin also is the one and only different. Now he is the only one wearing that red pants. Maybe, the company is just making him stand out since he is part of the face of the group.

Second set of clothes. From left to right, Kwangmin, Hyunseong, Jeongmn, Minwoo, Donghyun, Youngmin. Now this fits the idea of winter! Everyone have their scarves or thick clothing. This looks more winter! Now if you want to take a closer look at each one of them…

That is Donghyun. This look is simple. A timberwolf gray long sleeves shirt, a darker gray scarf and a black pants.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my one and only Hyunseong! Like Donghyun, he also wear a grayish brown scarf and a coat with a black shirt inside.

So here is Jeongmin. He wears that winter hat and brown long sleeves with that suspener, black pants, and…is that a silver shoe???

This is Youngmin. And if you could see, he is driving (underage!). So I can’t really see his clothes. But if you look at the group photos up there and down there, you would see what he wore.

So this is Kwangmin. Why do I get the feeling that their scarves are all the same? Ah no! This time, his scarf has those long…long…long…I don’t know what to call that. It’s just long something. So he is also wearing a dark gray long sleeve and black pants and black shoes.

Minwoo…he wears this fury jacket with a shirt inside. Black pants.


So this is their M.I.B. Version of their clothes. Actually, it’s Men In White! xD From left to right, Jeongmin, Donghyun, Youngmin, Minwoo (at the back of Youngmin. Sorry can’t be seen), Hyunseong then Kwangmin.

So not everyone has the same style. It’s just they all have the same neck tie then the same shoes and then the same pants. But they differ in their coats. If you watch the dance video up there, you would notice that Hyunseong and Donghyun have the same design on their coat. Kwangmin and Minwoo are the same and Youngmin and Jeongmin are the same.

Of all their sets of clothes, this is my favorite. Their other outfits are cool and good. But this one gives me the impression of Boyfriend who are cool, manly, respectful and the WOW!!!

Last set…and they only have individual shots of this set of clothes.

First stop, Donghyun. Well, he is wearing a checkered vest, black long sleeve polo and a black thin necktie. I like this look at him. It makes him looks manly.

Again, ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to show you the love of my life, Hyunseong! :D So here, he is wearing a black coat, black V-neck shirt inside and a loose black necktie! He also have that trademark rings! And this outfit makes me go TRALALALALA!!! Well, if you could only see him wearing this during their live performance or their interviews, you could see his “cleavage”. I’m sorry. He does have. He has DEVELOPED muscles on his chest already! OMG! WAAAH! It makes him cool, manly, sexy, and HOT!

Jeongmin is wearing the cap again. So he is wearing a polka dots designed elbow length polo with ruffles in the middle. He is also wearing that thick black spiky bracelet. He’s cute in this outfit. He rock. But…I don’t know. There seem to be something wrong.

So this is Youngmin. When I took this screen caption, I immediately remembered Detective Conan, the anime. It’s because of the bow tie! So he is wearing a black long sleeves coat with with polo shirt inside and that red bow tie. I don’t know what is the management is thinking. But everyone else seems to look mature more and more. But Youngmin? Why does he looks younger and younger? Or something like the management is making him look cuter and not manlier?

Kwangmin. Everything black. And somehow, it fits him. Makes him look more manly. I don’t know how will I describe his clothes since I can’t really see it well since it’s all the same shade of black.

Minwoo! With the polka dot designed bow tie! How cute! Kyeopta! So he’s wearing a black coat with a white long sleeved polo and that cute polka dot designed bow tie! It makes him look manly, if you remove the bow tie. But since it’s there, just like Youngmin. But not younger. Just still same age.

Setting Inspection

So this place is where the story happened between that girl and Kwangmin. I don’t know what exactly this is. It looks like a veranda. But it could be like the one in Titanic where Jack and Rose do that holding hands while extending it. I wish you know what I mean. This place makes the story very dramatic. Imaging Kwangmin leaning to that railing feeling how broken he is because he lost his love one. LOL! It just make me spazz!

So this is their first indoor set (I think.). Well, the set really do look fake. So it’s definitely indoors. If you are familiar with the MV, you could identify in which places in this set are those taken. If not, I’ll tell you. Donghyun, the leader, is shot in the second house(the one with green door) near the door. The other house is where Minwoo is placed. He was sitting on those stairs. The roof top near the chimney and that small window in Donghyun’s house is where Kwangmin is sitting the whole time. And the bench is where Jeongmin is. Inside the car would be Youngmin. And the one near the mail box is my love, Hyunseong.

This set gives everything a somehow sweet somehow lonely feel. Even though it’s fake, it gives me that impression.

This set is my favorite! It’s just cool! And I think if ever Starship Entertainment will release a dance version of the song, I think this is the best place they could show.

This place is where the solo shots are taken. It looks cool. It gives me the lonely feel. *Whispers…I don’t know if you could feel that too. HEHE!* There are lights behind those brown wall or something and it makes the shots have bright or dim.


Color coded:

Donghyun | Hyunseong | Jeongmin | Youngmin | Kwangmin | Minwoo 


차차 깨닫겠죠 왜 이렇게 갔는지 별별 생각 땜에 마음만 마음만

그저 하루가 더 지났을 뿐 뭐 하나 달라진게 없는데 너는 왜

한 마디 말도 없이 슬쩍 사라져버려 내가 그리 못 미더웠니 넌

그렇게도 힘이 들었나요 다 견뎌내자 약속 했었는데

꼭 지킬게요 꼭 돌아와요 그대 자리로 oh 반드시

나의 마음 속에서 그대에게 말하면 그댄 들을 수가 있나요

시간이 흐른 뒤에 세상의 끝에서 그대와 마주 보며 눈 감고 싶어요

별별 생각 땜에 마음만 마음만

혹시나 어디선가 혼자 힘들어할까 그게 자꾸 걱정이 되서 난

그쯤에서 멈춰 기다려요 나 서둘러서 따라 잡을게요

꼭 찾을게요 기다려줘요 지금 거기서 oh 반드시

나의 마음 속에서 그대에게 말하면 그댄 들을 수가 있나요

시간이 흐른 뒤에 세상의 끝에서 그대와 마주 보며 눈 감고 싶어요

어디로 갔니 넌 어디로 갔니 넌 어디로 갔니 넌

대체 어디로 갔니 넌 어디로 갔니 넌 어디로 갔니 넌

나의 맘을 담아서 그대에게 보내면 그댄 받을 수가 있나요

시간이 장난쳐서 우리를 막아도 그대의 손을 잡고 이기고 싶어요


chacha kkedatgetjyo we iroke ganneunji byol byol senggak tteme maeumman maeumman

geujo haruga do jinasseul ppun mwo hana dallajin-ge omneunde noneun we

han madi maldo obsi seuljjok sarajyoboryo nega geuri mot midowonni non

geurokedo himi deuronnayo da gyondyoneja yaksok hessonneunde

kkok jikilgeyo kkok dorawayo geude jariro oh bandeusi

naye maeum sogeso geude-ege malhamyon geuden deureul suga innayo

sigani heureun dwie sesang-e kkeuteso geudewa maju bomyo nun gamgo sipoyo

byol byol senggak tteme maeumman maeumman

hoksina odison-ga honja himdeurohalkka geuge jakku gokjongi dweso nan

geujjeumeso momchwo gidaryoyo na sodulloso ttara jabeulgeyo

kkok chajeulgeyo gidaryojwoyo jigeum gogiso oh bandeusi

naye maeum sogeso geude-ege malhamyon geuden deureul suga innayo

sigani heureun dwie sesang-e kkeuteso geudewa maju bomyo nun gamgo sipoyo

odiro ganni non odiro ganni non odiro ganni non

deche odiro ganni non odiro ganni non odiro ganni non

naye mameul damaso geude-ege bonemyon geuden badeul suga innayo

sigani jangnanchyoso urireul magado geudeye soneul japgo igigo sipoyo


I will realize as time goes on, why you left like this

With all these different thoughts, only my heart, my heart…

 Only a single day has passed

And nothing has changed but why

Why did you slip away and disappear without a single word?

Was I that not reliable?

Was it that hard for you?

We promised to endure through everything

I will protect you, please come back

Back to your place, oh please

 If I talk to you in my heart, will you be able to listen?

After time passes, at the ends of the earth

I want to face you and close my eyes

With all these different thoughts, only my heart, my heart…

In case you are somewhere alone, suffering alone,

I keep worrying about that

So right then, just stop and wait –

I will hurry and catch up to you

I will find you, please wait for me

Right now at that place, oh please

 If I talk to you in my heart, will you be able to listen?

After time passes, at the ends of the earth

I want to face you and close my eyes

Where did you go? Where did you go?

Where did you go, you?

Where exactly did you go? Where did you go?

Where did you go, you?

If I fill up my heart and send it to you,

Will you be able to accept it?

Even if time plays a joke on us and blocks us

I want to hold your hand and win


Hanggul: Chokollit

Romanized: Chokollit

English: Infotaip

Color Coding: janlauricebautista


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