Ok. I have so many pending works. Not only in here, but also in my school.

One. I have a reaction paper to finish and I’m not even starting it. But I think I’ll be fine about it since the reaction paper that my professor was asking for is not really that serious. We just need to give a reaction or our opinion about the documentary he had shown us.

Two. I just came back yesterday. And the release of the music video of my ever favorite boy group in Korea was last December 7. And I missed it. I wasn’t able to feature it on my JLyrics. But! But I want to feature it even though it is already days after the MV was released. So I’m starting it already and it’s in my draft already. I want to make it really well.

Three. I need to make a music video for one of my subjects as a project. Well, I don’t like the idea. How are we supposed to make a music video out of our school’s hymn? A music video tells a story. A song should tell a story. And the only thing I could see on my school’s hymn is how great is the maker of our school is. How am I to make a music video if he is already dead? And there is so few pictures of him since he is really really old? I really hate the project.

Four. This coming Friday, my prelim exams will be starting. And it will last until Tuesday next week. That means I have to study! And I can’t because there is so many projects pending on my desk. (I don’t really have a desk. Just on my mind. LOL!) I could go easy on other subjects but I should be really serious in some. Like Biological Science! I hate science, just to inform you. You could give me pages of math problems but not science please. I don’t know why. I just hate science. And this subject is giving me pain in the ass!

Five. I have a fan fiction and I need to update it already. It’s been two weeks since I last updated my story. I have the story in my mind. I just can’t write it and post it. It’s good my subscribers have patience. By the way, check out my story here. I know my story sucks but I think a fangirl would be happy to have moments like the moments I have on my story.

Six. Uhm… uhm… uhm… No. 6 is still pending. You have to wait for it.



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