And I’m BACK! :D

Oh yes! I’m back and I’m ready to rock! :D

It’s been weeks since I’ve announced that I’ll be on a break. This is because I want to make my studying a habit. Somehow, I was able to do that. It’s not really every night I’ll be studying my lessons. What I was able to accomplish was to add studying in my life. Before, I will just study my lessons if I have quizzes or tests. And I’ll just study it few hours before the test. But now, I study in advance. I look into my lessons. I try the best I could in my subjects. I’m pretty satisfied to accomplish such but I would like that effort to be doubled. I’m not going to tell you again that I’ll be on a break. Besides, I want myself to be more active in blogging and have more reader-attractive posts. I really wish I could do that. And since I’m telling you guys this, I think I pretty much would do it. It’s like I’m having the responsibility to do it since I already published or told everyone in this world about it.

That all!

Nope! Wait a minute! I would just like to share this video of my recent favorite boy group in Korea. They have been in this business for 200 days already but they already have three singles. I’m very much proud of them. Especially Hyunseong:)

So here it is…

Hope you like them.

So this is really all! Thank you! :D


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