Manga YEAH!!!

Hey there! I’m recently reading two mangas and I’m really interested in it. Mangas as in the Japanese comics. Not the mangos! xD


That is Eyeshield 21.

And Card Captor Sakura.

Check them out and if you want to, read other mangas too! You’ll enjoy too. :D


5 thoughts on “Manga YEAH!!!

      • im sure you’ll like it.. by the way you got some really nice blog here :), im just new here in wordpress and yours is the best i’ve seen so far, hahah! im just done reading few of your posts.. I really had fun reading it especially in your Daily ME folder heheh and cute ng mga post mo nakakatuwa ka at taga naic ka pa pala! ako din eh taga naic din :D

      • di naman po gaano. xD hehehehe. medyo magulo nga po siya eh kumpara sa ibang blogs na nakikita ko. anyways, i’m trying my best. thank you for reading:) and yes. taga-naic po ako:)

      • ang cute nga eh,, nag-subscribe na nga pala ako sayo, fan mo na ko eh heheh :) looking forward to read more of your post! thank you. :D

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