Today in Math

Oh! I like math! I love math! I want studying math. It’s my favorite subject. And did I already tell you that I really like math. I guess so. xD

Maybe many people will say that they hate math. That it is the subject that they could die with. That they’re brains are already bleeding out because of it. That they curse the inventor of it ’cause it’s really really really super hard. Well, that’s why I like it. I understand it and others don’t. That’s why it’s good. I know it. I’m the superstar of the class! Hehehehehehe…:D But I’m not alone. There is others who is good at it but many knows me more that I’m good at it. So they consult me.

So we have our math class today. Our professor have this what so called “Today in Math”. She will write down there what topics we will take up for the day. She wrote two topics, which are easy for me. She told us before that besides from our attendance, we will have more bonus points when we answer on the board or something like. And she gave some! Four of those. She asks the class who wants to volunteer. I immediately raised and so does my other two friends. Three of the items were answered by us. I was so happy to answer. Duh! It’s so easy. (I’m not boasting. Really. It’s easy.) So yeah! Then since, the discussion is done and no more topics to discuss for the day, she gave us a seatwork (which is easy too). So I answered fast. She told us that we may go out whenever we’re done. And I’m done. So I passed my seat work. Got my book from my classmates (I lend it because they don’t have their book yet.). And on to the quest of going home! YEAH! I love this. I love how it is going. I just wish this will continue! AJA to me! :D


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