I told my friend of mine that I’ll put her on today’s post. And the reason for her to in it? She splashed water in me! Not exactly on my face but somewhere between my side and my back. I don’t really know how to explain that. Please understand.

So going back, we were having our Filipino subject. Our professor was quite proud of himself. Not quite! It must be he is really proud of himself. He wrote a book after all so you can’t really blame him. Our professor is a “he” but I see him like he is acting like a “she”. In other words, gay. I don’t have any issues when it came to gays. It’s just, my professor in Filipino subject in my first semester is also gay. And now, gay again? Yeah.

Compared to my former professor, he is more expressive about things. He could literally say things that our former professor don’t like to say. So yeah! He is bigger! During the class, he told us that he just need to drink his medicine. He has this problem in his artery. I don’t know. So he went out and everyone became noisy. Everyone reacted on how he is. It is like O_O.

Everyone started talking about how he is. Then I told my friend how he was. I told her, along with others who are beside her and me, that our former professor is fine. It’s like my reaction is only intense as…

 And that was so fine reaction. Like, it’s fine. I’m shocked but it’s super fine. Then I told her my reaction in meeting our current professor. It’s as intense as this…

She is currently drinking water. Then she blew it to me! She was shocked and blew it to me! I was in front of her so I was really the only place that she could blow. I screamed. I was also shocked! It’s still a good thing she didn’t blow it on my face. Gosh! Really gosh! xD


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