A “Hello!” First Day

So even though the classes in our university already started yesterday, I only have my first class today. I don’t have any schedule yesterday. It would be the first time I’ll use my new things too! If you would like to know about it, you may check my other blog. I have a new shoe, new bag, new things! This simple thing makes me happy already! XD

Since it is the first day, I already expected it to be full of introductions. But not all the time. I know that some of my former classmates in PSYC 102 (since I’m now BSP 102 this second semester) is still my classmates in my current section (yeah! which is BSP 102). So I guess I won’t really need to have my introductions with them.

But I have new classmates too. There are plenty of them and some of them became my friends already. I don’t know why but I’m extra friendly today. I personally came to others and talk to them! Hello here. Hello there. Hello everywhere! I’m so friendly. And whenever I did my introductions (not the formal one, not the one in classes), I always put my hand under my face. Like I’m emphasizing that it is me! I’m JL! XD

We did our first class. And I super like our professor. God is really making ways for me not to forget Him! Our professor always tells about Him. Then we had our lunch. Then the next class. We didn’t really have our classes. There is no professor for that subject. Actually, there came one. But he got our schedule wrong. He will teach us, but not in that subject. He is from another subject, another day. Maybe there’s a confusion in the schedule. So going back, we had our last subject next. We had Business Math. There we had our formal introduction. So here it goes…

Hello! I’m Jan Laurice B. Bautista. You can call me JL. 16 and what else? Uhmm…I like math! :D

Ok. I hate that introduction. I should have said I’m from this place, graduated from this school, my habits are this, I am like this and whatsoever. But I didn’t do that. I was so nervous it’s hard to think. It’s fine. It’s done and there’s nothing I could really do. I’ll just do my best next time, when I have my introduction in other subjects…


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