me + ako = JL

Hello everyone! As you could see, I’m just starting to blog here in the WordPress. If you want to know me more, just check out one of my pages, This is ME! :D And as of now, I’m still confused of some things. But I already got used with some. So there would be many things I would like to explain in my blog. On why it is like that. Or on what are things in here.

The Great "I"

If you noticed, my url is equalsjl and my blog title is me + ako! “ako” is the Filipino term for “me” So this blog will revolve about things I like, people I meet, places I go, adventures I seek. It is all about the great “I”. Let’s proceed to the url issue. My url and my blog title is different from my blog title. Do you see why? Well, it’s an equation (yeah! I super like Math!). So yeah!

In my blog, there is three categories (as of now). There are Daily ME, JLyrics and says JL. Each category has its own particular role in this blog. Daily ME is what other blogs call the ‘uncategorized’. Well, it is about my daily life. What I do. What I think. Who I meet. What happened. All about my daily life. Meanwhile, JLyrics is where you’ll find the Hanggul, English and Romanized Lyrics of a Kpop song. In there, I also review its music video. I give my opinion in things like it’s message, it’s concept, artist’s clothes, and sometimes, their teasers too. Moving on, I also have says JL. In this part of my blog, I’ll post my opinion about general life matters. It is like I’m telling you my principles, even about small matters. Example, choices. People may say, “I don’t have a choice.” Well, they do have. And they chose to have no choice. Got that? It’s things like that.

As of now, that is all I want to say. I’m going to try to post everyday, like I did on my Blogger. So see you around! :)


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